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Diamond V Yeast - Product Details


Horse feeds are enzymatically digested in the small intestine and feed components that are not digested enzymatically pass down the digestive system into the cecum and colon (hindgut) where beneficial bacteria ferment the feed. This is where yeast culture has its greatest benefit in the horse. Diamond V Yeast Culture is a rich nutrient source for the hindgut microbes. Better nourished microbes break down feed more completely making more nutrients available for absorption and allows the animal the ability to reach a higher nutritional plane.

As you fine tune your feeding program, Diamond V Yeast Culture can play a key role in maximizing digestive performance.

  • True, fully fermented yeast culture designed specifically for maximum animal nutrition.
  • Over 60 years of experience providing the highest quality yeast culture on the market.
  • Over 200 trials. Proven both on the farm and in the lab.
  • Field tested and research proven, helps any horse through improved digestive performance.

Studies show all-natural Diamond V Yeast Culture helps maximize nutrition by increasing the digestibility of feed ingredients. See for yourself how Diamond V Yeast decreases lactic acid production, and  increases packed cell volume, feed efficiency and fiber digestibility in this report.

Doug Clark

Doug Clark

Doug Clark, a champion steer roper and nationally known AQHA horse trainer has put Diamond V Yeast to the test in his operation. To date, Clark has placed every horse in his barn–22 total–on a premium quality, grain-based feed containing the XP Yeast Culture. He also feeds high-quality alfalfa hay. “All of the horses look better, and they have more of a gloss to their coats,” Clark notes. “They’re quieter overall with good attitudes, and they’re more even keeled.”

He points to the transformation made by one 11-year old barrel and calf-roping gelding he recently bought. “In just three weeks, he improved 100 percent, which I attribute to the yeast culture,” Clark says. “He was high-strung and underweight when I bought him, but now he’s filling out and he’s real steady.”

Diamond V Yeast Culture is a fully fermented yeast culture, not just yeast cells. Our exclusive process carefully ferments selected yeast on the proper media to produce an effective food source for the animal’s digestive bacteria.

Because it is fully fermented, Diamond V yeast should be used within 12 months for best results. Triangle H sells Diamond V Yeast in smaller, 17lb packages that allow you to correct short term digestive problems and meet your horse’s peak performance needs with less waste and expense. We recommend feeding 2 ounces for maintenance and more as needed. One bag should last close to 6 months.

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