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Horses, Hooves and Humans Have 3 Things In Common


Like humans, horses don’t all have the same size or shape feet. That means you can’t take a single approach to the subject of Equine Podiatry. Determining what is “normal” and what is “healthy” for each horse is a discussion you should have with your farrier. It’s also a good way to discover whether a farrier is going to be a specialist you and your vet can call to help treat injuries and diseases of the hoof, or just someone who comes periodically to trim your horses’ hooves.

Also like humans, horses must adapt to wide variety of environments and duties throughout the day. Sometimes, their conformation, their shoeing, the type of work they do, the food they eat, or even terrain, can cause hoof injuries, or chronic stresses that are not always immediately identifiable. These injuries can in turn cause other joint and ligament damage and diseases.

It’s also as true in horses as it is in humans that when your feet hurt, you hurt all over. Even more than man, a horse depends on movement to stay healthy. For example,hard-working equine athletes often beat their heels into oblivion, jeopardizing not just their soundness, but their careers and even their lives.

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