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Diamond V Yeast

Diamond V Yeast

I thank you, and your horse will thank you for your purchase of Diamond V Yeast. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your product to be delivered.

Because this is a concentrated supplement to your horse’s regular feed, we recommend using ______ (amount) per pound of feed.  For each horse you are treating, a single bag of Diamond V Yeast  should last you _______ number of days.  That makes this one of the best nutritional purchases you will make this year.

But remember, because Diamond V Yeast is made with active cultures, you shouldn’t try to save any opened bags you have left over after treatment. After all, there’s no value in using something that won’t work anymore. If you need Diamond V Yeast again in the future, you can always return here to buy a fresh supply.

We’d love to hear why you’ve chosen to use the product and what results you see. Please take a moment and use our handy contact form to share your story with us. Of course, you can also use it to ask any questions, or suggest other products you’ve found superior that you think other horse owners ought to know about.

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Recommended Products


Right now we’re the only place you can purchase the Diamond V Yeast Prebiotic as a supplement, rather than an additive to your horse’s feed.  This product is typical of those we recommend to our clients and is the currently the only one we are offering for sale online.

We’ll be expanding both number and type of products we offer here based on two criteria. First, the product has to be one which we’ve tested ourselves to make sure that it performs up to our high standards. Second, it also has to be backed by a company able to meet the support needs of our customers.

If there’s a product you would like to see us offer, please email us to let us know.

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Right now, we are the first distributor of the Diamond V yeast product as a separate feed supplement. This product has been included in the feeds of several major manufacturers because it has proven itself beneficial to all horses. Our use of the product is more specific and short term.

Here’s where you can find out more about prebiotics versus probiotics

Here’s where you can find more detailed Diamond V Yeast product information and order your supply now

We will be expanding our recommended product store slowly. Before adding a product to our recommended list, we’ll need to test it out ourselves, then make sure that there will never be any problems obtaining or delivering the product to you quickly.

We’ll also be working to make it easy for you to order just what you need to care for your horses. Please take a moment to tell us any suggestions or comments you have on how we can do that.