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Diamond V Yeast

Diamond V Yeast

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Diamond V Yeast products are included as additives in several major manufacturer’s feeds. However, the amount included in that feed may not be sufficient for optimal health and performance.

For the first time, Diamond V is making this digestive aid for hind gut bacteria and PH balance available as a separate supplement. It’s yeast cultures nourish beneficial bacteria in those horses who have shown a sensitivity to  starches as well as those who need a performance boost.

Active yeast breaks down over time, so only purchase the number of bags you believe you’ll need for the coming year.

Here’s where you can find complete details on how Diamond V Yeast works to naturally support and promote digestive health.

Because it is fully fermented, Diamond V yeast should be used within 12 months for best results. Triangle H sells Diamond V Yeast in smaller, 17lb packages that allow you to correct short term digestive problems and meet your horse’s peak performance needs with less waste and expense. We recommend feeding 2 ounces for maintenance and more as needed. One bag should last close to 6 months.

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Happy Healthy Horses


They’re the three “H”s in Triangle H and what every horse owner wants. Good health in horses is built from the ground up and the inside out.

From the Ground Up…

It’s amazing how many illnesses and ailments manifest themselves in the hooves, joints and legs. Sometimes the cause of the problem is underfoot as well. A horse’s shoeing, the type of work they do, and the terrain can all cause hoof injuries and chronic stresses that might not be immediately identifiable. Spring grasses, for example, can be a source of laminitis.

Understanding your horse’s environment is a big part of diagnosing many hoof and limb ailments. Sometimes it can lead to the cure as well. Over many years of observation, we’ve seen how a change in environment can directly lead to improvements in a horse’s health, or slippages.

laminitis, founder, mavicular disease are common hoof ailments

laminitis, founder & navicular disease are common hoof ailments

From the Inside Out…

More often than not, you can’t change a horse’s working environment. The job is what it is and where it is.

The food they eat plays a bigger role in a horse’s health than any other factor. Unfortunately, we have less and less control over the nutrients in our horses’ basic feed. As a general rule, we need to provide more of the nutrients through feed supplements than ever before; some for general health and some for specific complaints or performance factors.

Environmental factors that attack from the outside and nutrient deficiencies that attack from the inside both show up in the hoof more often than nearly any other part of the body. Spotting them and treating their causes, not just their symptoms is the job of a new kind of farrier; an Equine Podiatrist.

As an Equine Podiatrist, Sheldon Olsen is a trusted partner in the health and well being of  his clients’ horses. This site has been designed to show you how you can use the same remedies he has used to set things right in the horses under his care for more than 19 years.

Hoof Topics


Right now, we are the first distributor of the Diamond V yeast product as a separate feed supplement. This product has been included in the feeds of several major manufacturers because it has proven itself beneficial to all horses. Our use of the product is more specific and short term.

Here’s where you can find out more about prebiotics versus probiotics

Here’s where you can find more detailed Diamond V Yeast product information and order your supply now

We will be expanding our recommended product store slowly. Before adding a product to our recommended list, we’ll need to test it out ourselves, then make sure that there will never be any problems obtaining or delivering the product to you quickly.

We’ll also be working to make it easy for you to order just what you need to care for your horses. Please take a moment to tell us any suggestions or comments you have on how we can do that.